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Who are we

We are a team of dedicated cross-functional recruiters, engineers, and technology professionals, favored by our clients as trusted, insightful recruiting partners.

We operate on a ‘success basis’ model. Proactively identifying and attracting to hire talent with pinpoint accuracy, saving you time and energy.

Simply, set up a zoom call and start collaborating to hire now, we consult and build a real-time talent pipeline, using our technology & know-how from our very first interaction!

+ Real-time window of talent pool to assess from your first consultation.

+ Targeted outreach, yield accurate results, and start your interviewing process.

+ We collaborate and support you all the way to successfully board your talent.

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Here are just a few of the reasons why we are the go-to recruiters for the startup and early stage tech industry.
  • HR4RPO – Support to HR for global value-added recruitment and onboarding / offboarding
  • HR4RPO – Standardization and harmonization
  • HR4RPO – Highly scalable and efficient
  • HR4RPO – User ‘Buy-In’
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What we do?

Some detail brief about what we do.
  • DEFINE: Demand Planning and Requisition Definition
  • OUTREACH: Peer to peer, your very own direct accountable partner
  • SOURCE: Identification and Implementation of all sources to obtain candidates
  • SCREEN: Reading & reviewing resumes and initial evaluation of candidates
  • SELECT: Schedule, Assess & conduct interviews
  • CLOSE: Extension of verbal and written offer to candidate, and Preparation for first day of employment
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