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High touch methods in preboarding, recruiting & sourcing, closing, onboarding

Retain your most important asset, your talent!


Know your recruiter and your talent supplier

Assessment of your recruitment supply chain goes beyond 'bums on seats'

Recruitment Result Oriented

Hiring For Success, Fulfillment, Retention & Succession?

HR4RPO is a boutique recruitment practice with an established layer of infrastructure, resources, and success factors to support your company’s growth!

Rewarded only on success, yes, we listen and make your challenges our own.

We commit our people who are based in Europe, Asia, and the USA.

We share our knowledge and technology, together we achieve successful outcomes. Allowing you to maximize your ROI!

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Time Back!

Making optimal use of your team’s precious time!

Prequalification of your requirements and your talent pipeline with experienced industry consultant.
HR4RPO are trained to utilize industry leading software and in person or remotely.
With high touch methods to source prequalified in real-time with targeted candidates for your specific defined needs over our one-to-one call.
Optimize on your time to assess and interview only prequalified candidates.

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A favored recruiter to human resources, accountable and ownership of talent acquisition & succession.

Recruiting critical hires for your Business Units.

We engage at any stage of your recruitment process as all things are moving.

Demand Planning and Requisition Definition

Schedule, Assess & conduct interviews

Identification / Activation of all sources to obtain candidates

Extension of verbal and written offer to candidate and Preparation for first-day of employment

Reading & reviewing resumes and initial evaluation of candidates

Continuous Feedback